Deciding on a name for your medical practice is a major step. A name holds a vital role in your overall healthcare marketing strategy. It is the factor that builds your patients’ first impression of your brand. As it turns out, names can be very powerful if you can pin down the best one for you.

Finding the perfect name is critical and a big decision to make. It should represent you and your practice well. It should be easy to recall. It should also fit your target market so you can become their top-of-mind medical practitioner. 

Deciding the best name for your medical practice

To help you with that, here are six naming methods healthcare marketers use to create a sustainable brand image.

  1. Doctor’s Name

This is the most common naming method healthcare workers use for their brand. They use their own names, especially those who are partnering with another physician. Other reasons medical practitioners use this include: 

  • If they come from a family of doctors; 
  • If they have a chain of other businesses branded after their name; 
  • If they are first-of-their-family professionals who dream of putting their name in the market.  

Aside from it is the easiest method, you can also guarantee that your name is unique. How big are the chances that another person has the same first name, middle name, and surname as you practicing the same medical specialty? 

  1. Geographic Name

You may add the local geographic address to your clinic or hospital name. You can use the name of city, county, or state, depending on your preference. The risk of this is that you may have difficulty registering your name for duplicate name reasons. It also sounds generic. This method works best on clinics that are present in multistate or multicity. 

  1. Quick Recognition

If you do not want to put your name or use a geographic location in your brand, you may opt to use phrases that give a quick recognition to you and your practice. It should also incorporate the uniqueness of your facility from others in the same field. Patients should recognize you when they hear that name – your touch, your method, your style, etc.

This is indeed challenging, especially when you are starting. It helps listing down as many names as you can think of and evaluate them one by one until you arrive with the one that describes you or your facility best. 

Fun extra tip: If you acquired a nickname or an alias when you were still in med school, during internship, residency, or fellowship, you might want to consider using that nickname. Just make sure that that nickname is professional enough to be a brand name. This way, people would know that this is your brand right away, even if it means that the people who will recognize this at first are only those who call you that. It is still a good place to start. 

Deciding your medical practice name

  1. Use Safewords

These are specific medical or nonmedical words that are familiar to patients. Safewords cater to their emotional needs. These words will make them feel at home, safe, comfortable, and in good hands. 

You may include your field or specialty in their name. In effect, your patients would know right away that this is what they are specifically looking for. This naming method appeals to patients who prefer to be in specialty clinics than go to general hospitals. 

Safewords examples are:

  • Health 
  • Wellness 
  • Skin 
  • Therapy 
  • Family 
  • Children 
  • Pet 
  • Animal 
  • Heart 
  • Tooth
  1. Positive Words, Proper Adjectives

It is only fitting that you are mindful in choosing the adjectives to pair with your brand name. Given that you are in medical practice, it is understood that yours is a place of healing, recovery, love, and care. They should feel all that when they read or hear your name. Again, our touchpoint here is the emotional needs of your clients. 

Aside from positive words, you should also use proper adjectives that are cohesive to your practice. For example, if you have a skin clinic, you may incorporate adjectives like “glow” or “young” or “organic,” depending on your target audience, niche, and preference.

Here are more examples:

  • Happy
  • Smile
  • Bright
  • Strong bones
  • Care 
  • Home
  • Priority
  • Healthy
  • Heal
  • Friendly
  1. Gather Intel of Best Practices

It pays to learn from those who are already in the market. Take the effort to immerse in the industry more. Learn about what the others are doing, a.k.a how they are playing the game. By gathering best practices, you are saving yourself from unfortunate events experienced by others.

Did they make nicknames for their clinic? Did they take advantage of SEOs and hashtags in social media? Did neon banners work for pediatric clinics? Is their name too long? The more you observe the industry, you will find yourself asking more and more questions every day. These questions help you sort out best practices that you can apply in naming your own brand of medical practice.

In conclusion, deciding the best name for your medical practice is crucial and remains a major decision. The best name should suit your field, expertise, and unique qualities as a medical practitioner. 

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