Utilizing social media to promote your chiropractic practice is a must in today’s world of online marketing. Its vast touchpoints can reach thousands of clients in faster ways than word-of-mouth. While referrals still work, getting the clients to know you before they actually meet you is advantageous.

For many years, social media has helped promote thousands of chiropractors. How? Instagram, for example, is a rapidly growing platform, especially today that Facebook has its back. Check out these statistics

  • Users spend about 30 minutes a day on Instagram
  • 81% of those say they use Instagram to research products and look for some brands
  • The largest percentage of Instagram users is 25 to 34 year-olds. 

Find out which platform suits you best but we’re here to say Instagram is one thing you should consider. The sample statistics above illustrate how strong this social media platform can build up your practice.

If you are a little terrified to take the first step of marketing via social media, here are some ways you can improve your chiropractic practice through social media. 

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors

Write what makes you unique. 

Create or compile testimonials from previously satisfied clients about your work. Tell the people you are not just another ordinary chiropractor from the block.

Include a call-to-action element in every post. 

When potential clients read your post, give them the thought of wanting to try your service. Instead of saying, “We have an amazing package going on,” you can say, “We have limited discounted rates on our service when you enroll before the end of the month.” 

Post shareable content. 

That share button is very powerful. Especially when your content is public and can be shared across platforms.  

Be creative in your posts. 

Depending on the demographics of your practice, make sure your posts are appealing to your target market. For example, an audience between 18-35 years old usually loves short, entertaining, yet informative videos. 

Offer deals and freebies from time to time.

Let them experience your expertise via free services or maybe discounted rates for first-time clients. You can also offer a free consultation promo for three days. 

One More Tip — Be Consistent! 

Posting regularly on your account, at least 3x a week, will get your brand noticed in no time. To do this, you can create a monthly calendar which you can schedule at least 2 weeks or a month in advance. This way, you won’t always have to log back in and think of what to post. 

Plan Ahead on Instagram

Since Instagram doesn’t have its own scheduler, you need an Instagram Automation Tool to plan your social media calendar. This is why Phamedics is here. 

Our drag-and-drop tool makes it easy for you to view your Instagram feed visually, schedule posts, and manage engagement. Learn more about how this tool can help you grow your business! 

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