Does it seem odd to hear doctors and physicians marketing online? It surely does. Back in the day, the only thing doctors focused on was getting accreditation and opening their own clinics. But as the times roll by, the need to market their service is slowly becoming a necessity.

With the colossal growth of internet users, digital marketing becomes a need for all sectors, even the health industry. The world is now highly dependent on the internet to consult Google first before consulting a real doctor.

Consequently, people would look up the internet more for the best doctors near them, compared to asking friends whom they recommend.  According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 47% of their sample population looked online for information about doctors and other health professionals.

Of this percentage, 24% have consulted rankings or reviews online of doctors and other health providers. This study was done in 2009. Imagine how much these numbers have grown at this time.

With this trend, it is only rightful for doctors and physicians to keep up and be where the patients are. Here are 6 winning digital marketing strategies for doctors and physicians.

6 Winning Digital Marketing Strategies For Doctors and Physicians

digital marketing for physicians

1.  A User-Friendly Website

Remember that as a doctor, your patient ranges from the youngest to the oldest age group, from the unschooled to professionals, because obviously, diseases do not choose their victim. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate. Your complete clinic address should be written boldly and is visible anywhere on the website. The contact numbers and email address that you post should also be updated. 

2. Use Language People Can Understand

While we understand that technical terms are essential and necessary in your field, your medical jargon might be difficult to understand. It might help to hire a third-party writer who can write the content with mixed technical and layman terms. This can make your site less intimidating, especially to those who are considering approaching you.

3. Produce Your Own Videos

Nothing gains patients’ trust faster than when they actually see you perform in videos. It can be you doing a surgery, giving tips, or even engaging in an interview. We understand that a doctor’s schedule is tight and busy but giving time for your content is a great help to strengthen your face value and build your reputation. 

Create informative videos, easy how-to’s, a list of symptoms for disease A, etc. For example, if you are a cardiothoracic surgeon, give tips on keeping your heart healthy. People will find it informative and interesting.

4. The Power of Social Media Platforms

While having your own website is the most professional approach, do not hinder yourself in creating social media accounts dedicated to your practice. When you do so, create content that is appropriate for the platform. 

For example, if you plan to create a TikTok account, make your posts fun by using famous soundtracks as background music while highly informative. Approach each platform effectively by playing to their strengths. 

5. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Ads

There are two types of pay-per-click ads: high intent pay-per-click ad (like Google) and interruptive pay-per-click ad (like Facebook). Each has its own advantage, but they both surely increase your virtual presence and keep you a top-of-mind brand for your potential patients. 

In addition, you can trust heavily on pay-per-click ads as it enables you to display ads only to people who searched for your marked keywords. It avoids showing your ads to the general public and only targets those who need them.

6. Evaluate Your Strategies Periodically

What works this year might not be effective next year. Or maybe a new trend would come up next month?  Evaluate your strategies. 

Hire an expert to do the evaluation. You may also encourage patient reviews and feedback so you will be aware of what to improve. 

Let’s Take Your Digital Marketing To The Next Level

In conclusion, a doctor will only be successful if he has patients. So do everything to connect with your patients and make your digital marketing strategies be of service. Never think that you are doing too much for investing in the digital market. In fact, you are doing yourself a great favor by going this extra mile.

If you’re ready to take a leap and gain more patients online, contact Phamedics today. Our expertise lies in making medical brands trustworthy in the eyes of your online audience.

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